Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chapter 10

I hope that you see right through my walls
I hope that you catch me, 'cause I'm already falling
I'll never let a love get so close
You put your arms around me and I'm home

I tried my best to never let you in to see the truth
And I've never opened up
I've never truly loved 'Till you put your arms around me
And I believe that it's easier for you to let me go

(lyrics Christina Perri ‘Arms’)

He woke to pins and needles tingling in his arm and a weight on his chest. He opened his eyes and looked down at the mass of red curls spread across his shoulder and arm where it curled around her shoulders, holding her where her body curled against his. Her cheek was pressed against his chest and by the slow and deep way she was breathing, he guessed she was still asleep. 

This had been the way he’d wanted to wake up that first morning, back in D.C. but if she had he wouldn’t have known what to do. This morning, as sun beams slanted through the drapes, he laid there watching her sleep and didn’t want to move a muscle.  He was vaguely aware that he was hungry but the midnight trip to the kitchen for snacks had only ended up emptying his fridge of most of the fruit and all of the canned whip cream, most of which he’d licked off of her. Licking his lips Mike could still taste the intermingling of the sugary sweet desert topping and the salty goodness of her juices. 

Just thinking about the sounds she’d made while he’d swirled his tongue around her joy button made his cock ache to be inside of her again. He had never met a woman who overtly enjoyed sex the way she did. Most of the girls, at least the puck fucks he’d been with, spent so much time trying to sound and look like porn stars that he was pretty sure they forgot to actually have fun too. Chelsea not only obviously enjoyed it but most of the time she was the aggressor and besides that, she could go and go for hours. Now, as he lay with her arm draped over his stomach and her warm breath teasing the hairs on his chest he felt as if he’d just played back to back games, been in a fight and had a bag skate the next morning.

It was a good kind of tired though, he decided as he combed his fingers through the silken red strands of her hair. He felt certain he could happily wake up like this every day...well, maybe not every day he decided, imagining Boudreau screaming at him to pick up his fucking feet. Yeah, maybe not on game days.


Mike looked down at her. Her eyes were still closed but she was smiling in that playful kittenish sort of way. 

“I think I have some bread...maybe some eggs.” He mentally went through his cupboards, deciding that he was going to have to get some groceries in. He was trying to remember if they’d ever closed the fridge door when he felt her hand slide down over his stomach.

“Not that kind of hungry,” she purred, opening one eye to look up at him with that look that immediately made him hard as a rock. He moaned as her fingers curled around the base of his cock and then groaned as her mouth closed around the small pink nub of his nipple. She’d discovered that particular weakness of his accidentally, while licking whip cream off of his chest. Now, as she swirled her tongue around it before gently closing her teeth on it Mike felt his balls pull up tight. She grinned at him, her straight, white teeth still tugging at the tiny pink nub as he sucked in a breath sharply. “I like having you at my mercy,” she chuckled as she kissed her way across his chest. He liked it too but he didn’t tell her that. He didn’t need to. It was pretty obvious in the way that he lay there and let her repeat all of those actions again while her fist slowly pumped up and down his hard on. 

Her hair was like another hand, sweeping lightly over his chest, almost tickling but not quite. He watched it splay out over his pale chest like it was a live thing, catching the morning light and turning into sparks, transforming into liquid fire. He dug his fingers into it, grabbed a handful of it and brought her mouth up to his.

She kissed him sweetly, her lips brushing innocently across his while her hand curled around his balls like a pro. Mike looked up at her, surrounded by a waterfall of flame and lost himself in her emerald eyes. Some of the guys dated models, and Ovie definitely had definitely had some hotties he brought over from the mother land but in that moment Mike didn’t think there was a more beautiful woman in the entire world.

“I want to be inside you,” he whispered, reaching up to cradle her cheek in his hand, to bring her lips down over his. She grinned right before she nipped at his bottom lip and then she tossed that mane of flame over her shoulder and slid back, moving over him, crawling down his body until she was hovering over him, her pussy lips just brushing the head of his engorged cock. 

He watched his dick slide up into her or her down onto him. This was a good angle. Her pert breasts bobbing with each of her movements, her whole body on display for him plus he could watch her as she came, her entire face suffused with pleasure. Mike reached up to capture her breasts in his hands but she grabbed his wrists and pinned them at his sides, leaning over him so that her hair brushed across his face, his chest and making it clear she was in charge here. 

That was fine with him, he thought as he watched her green eyes flutter closed and her ripe red lips fall open as her hips rose and fell, twisting and rocking in a rhythm that, even though they hadn’t known each other long, Mike already knew meant that she was wasn’t going to take long, which was a good thing. He never lasted long in the morning. 

She twisted her head to the side, bit down on her bottom lip and made a sound in her throat that was almost a whimper. Her eyes were shut tight in concentration and her knees tightened against his thighs as she rode him. She was practically masturbating on top of him and Mike did the only thing he could to help her along. He lifted his hips and drove himself up into her. Chelsea let out a cry and tossed her head back as her nails dug into his wrists. 

“Do it baby, I want to see you cum,” he told her as she pressed her lips together and rocked her hips forward, hard and fast. Mike looked down the plane of his body and watched her pussy lips part like a curtain to reveal his cock, glistening with her juices, just for an instant and then they came together again as she slammed her body down onto his. She whimpered and tossed her head back as he drove up into her one more time and then her head fell back, her breasts raised like an offering to the sky and her hands slid from his wrists as she reached back and dug her nails into his thighs. 

Mike sat up and wrapped his arms around her, bringing her pert little breasts to his mouth and swirling his tongue around their peach coloured tips. He felt her body sway into his, her arms wrapping around his neck and carefully, slowly he rolled her onto her back. He pressed his mouth over the jumping pulse in her neck, the shallow above her collarbone, the swell of her breast, the valley between them. He kissed the round of her shoulder, the curve of her waist, the slight swell of her stomach and dug his tongue into the shallow of her belly button. He kissed the smooth skin where her mound met her thigh and then, sliding further down the bed, he brushed the rough prickling of his whiskers against her inner thigh until she squirmed. 

Her pussy was glistening, pink and warm as he parted her inner lips and slid two fingers in and up inside of her. He heard her sigh as he slid the flat of his tongue from her entrance up to that hard little bud of nerves that made her tremble as he swirled his tongue around it before sucking it into his mouth. Her nails dug into his hair, his scalp, which was fine because it itched anyway. He ignored her pleas to make her cum. He could tell by the way her pussy walls tightened around his fingers that she was right on the edge but he wanted her to stay there and wait for him. He finger fucked her slowly while he dug the tip of his tongue under her clit and then sucked it into his mouth again. He could feel or maybe hear her heels drumming the bed somewhere near his shoulders and ignored that too as he pursed his lips against her clit and blew out, making motorboat sounds and vibrating her clit mercilessly until she screamed in frustration. 

Then, taking his cock in his hands and kneeling between her thighs, Mike held the tip of cock just outside of her, teasing her clit with it, dipping it just into her slit and then taking it out again as she protested loudly. The minute she reached down to relieve herself though, he turned the tables on her, grabbed her wrists and pinned them either side of her head while he slid himself balls deep inside of her hot, throbbing wet snatch. 

They groaned in unison and then held their breath, each of them knowing the other was so close and wanting to hold off that moment of release for at least another few, short moments. Mike looked down at her, at her pale cheeks filled now with a mixture of desire and exertion, her eyes almost glowing, her full lips plump and waiting for his kiss and he thought just that, just looking at her like that, might make him go. This was sex, really good sex, but he knew as he covered her mouth with his own and they started to move together, that this was now something else, something new. 

As her ankles dug into the backs of his thighs and her hips tilted up to take him deeper, he knew he was going to lose control. He let go of one of her wrists and reached for the, thankfully still open drawer at his bedside table and the condoms within. Her hand captured his before his fingers found their goal and their fingers laced and hers pulled his back onto the bed. 

“I want to feel you,” she whispered against his mouth, before pressing her lips back up against his. He moved his other hand to lace those fingers with hers and their bodies pressed as close as they could ever be. His brain told him this was dangerous but as her body shuddered and slid over the edge, taking his with her and her cry of release was muffled by his kiss and his own groan of relief, he decided he didn’t care. 


“So what’s the plan for today?” she called from the shower. Mike was already towelling off. Chelsea watched him through the glass surround on the shower as he bent to run the towel down his long, strong, lean legs. She was pretty sure she could still go another round. Mike, on the other hand, had been pretty clear that he was sure it would fall off if they tried. 

“I wouldn’t mind a hand with getting some groceries,” he called back as he ran the towel up his chest and then into his thick, dark hair, “and then I guess I better get you home. Your dad just being back from D.C., he probably wants to spend some time with you.” 

Chelsea didn’t argue. She could already hear the recriminations in her head, was already anticipating the dark looks she’d be getting and not just from her family. She could count the number of times she’d stayed out all night on one, three fingers, and she would be surprised if they all weren’t waiting right now with cups of dark coffee and staring at the door with grim expressions on their faces. 

“Yeah, I should probably call.” She winced as she said it out loud. It made her feel like a little kid to say it and she imagined it made her sound like a little kid to Mike too. She glanced over at him as she ducked her head under the water to rinse out the shampoo but he wasn’t looking at her and he wasn’t even making a face, except at himself as he dragged a handful of gel through his thick, unruly hair. 

“Maybe if we go now we can bring him some Timmy Ho’s on the way back,” Mike offered brightly, tugging at one lock of hair that wouldn’t follow the rest. Chelsea grinned at him. He was a good guy, a nice guy. If her grandmother gave him a chance she might even call him a keeper. 

Not that she was thinking about stuff like that yet, she told herself sternly as she poured a handful of conditioner into one hand and then put the bottle back in the tray hanging from the shower head before putting the goop in her hair. It was fun, they were having fun. There was no need to get heavy about it, she reminded herself as she dragged her fingers through her hair. In fact, she thought as she dragged her palms down to the ends of her hair, spreading the conditioner thoroughly, the reason she was with him was because she couldn’t handle heavy right now. This was exactly what she needed. Light, fun, no ties. He was leaving at the end of the summer and that would be that. This wasn’t a forever thing and that was a good thing. 

She looked down at her legs and made a face. She’d had them waxed before she left D.C. but she was almost sure she’d felt stubble on them as she’d run the loofah over them. Mike had an electric thing, an expensive looking razor plugged in over by the sink, she’d noticed. Maybe he had some disposable ones under the sink somewhere. She opened her mouth to ask when she felt his hands running through her hair, tipping her head back under the water and his lips on her neck. 

“Hey I thought you said...,” she began, laughing when his growl vibrated against her skin. 

“That was before I watched you,” he snarled as his teeth found her earlobe and tugged. 

“You’ve got all that stuff in your hair,” she warned as he lifted her off of the river pebble floor and pressed her against the slate tile of the wall, his cock nudging its way inside. 

“Wash out, put more in,” he replied with a feral growl before covering her mouth with his and silencing her, for the moment. 


It had been fun to have someone along to do something as mundane as buying groceries, especially because she’d made him pick out actual food rather than just energy bars and fruit cups and stopped him from loading up on chips and pop which was what he’d planned on buying for having the guys around. She’d even impressed the sommelier at the wine store they’d stopped at where he’d have been happy to buy the closest ten dollar bottle and she’d insisted on getting a thirty five dollar bottle of cabernet franc from some winery called Burrowing Owl and an even more expensive bottle of sauvignon blanc from some apparently award winning winery called Blasted Church. So much for a case of Pilsener and a bottle of cider for Backsy. 

As he carefully balanced a tray of Timmy Ho’s large double doubles and a box of Timbits and following her up the stairs as she fished out her keys, he was sort of wishing the day wasn’t about to end. He did have stuff to do before the golf tournament and he did have friends that he hadn’t had a chance to catch up with yet, but as he watched her turn the key in the lock he wanted to tell her not to, to get back in his car and spend the day with him. 

Getting soft Greener’ he told himself, or was that Brooksy in his ear again he wondered as she pushed the door open. The salty smell of bacon frying hit his nose and made his stomach grumble. They’d hit a Starbucks on their way to the grocery store but the pumpkin scone had definitely not been enough. 

“I’m home!” Chelsea called. She’d texted her father in the car. He hadn’t replied. Mike was half expected a gun in his face. He certainly hadn’t expected her grandmother in an apron with freshly baked biscuits on a plate and her father pouring orange juice and smiling at him as if he hadn’t just spent the last twelve or so hours tapping his daughter. 

“I hope you’re hungry,” her grandmother smiled warmly as she put the plate of warm biscuits down beside a plate of real butter. Mike licked his lips. 

“Definitely,” he replied, pulling a chair out and sitting down in front of an empty plate that was all of a sudden full of scrambled eggs followed by at least half a dozen strips of crispy bacon. Just the way he liked it. “I’m gonna have to spend some time in the gym after this,” he muttered, mostly as a reminder to himself.

“You look like you could hit some weights,” a voice rang out behind him and the warm, friendly and welcoming kitchen suddenly got cool and every face turned towards the doorway. Mike glanced over his shoulder to see that annoying cowpoke taking off his dented and stained straw hat as he stood by the still open door. “Sorry to interrupt folks,” the big sweaty cowboy grinned like he actually wasn’t sorry at all, “but I believe Snowbird’s about to foal and I could do with a hand.” 

Mike expected her father to grab an old fashioned doctor’s bag and go flying out the door but instead it was Chelsea that reached out and grabbed a strip of bacon off of his plate and tore out the door. He watched her go, unsure if he should go after her or stay where he was and not because he didn’t trust her but he sure as hell didn’t trust that overgrown primate. 

“May as well stay and eat that young man,” her grandmother decided for him. “You won’t be use nor ornament down at the barn. You’d just be in the way,” she added, adding two links of browned sausages to his plate. “You eat that and then be on your way,” she added before taking a seat beside him and picking up a steaming cup of black coffee. “They’ll let us know when they’re done.”  

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